Comfort & Lifestyle

Looking to cruise around town, chase the kids, or just have some fun without having to sacrifice comfort? Then the comfort bike is for you. Ergonomic, comfy touchpoints, easy on the knees and above all confidence inspiring the comfort style bike can help you get out and ride.

Comfort Bike Rider
Road Bike Riders

Road & Fitness

Got a need for speed? Want to get in shape and live green at the same time? Then it’s time to take a look at road and fitness bikes.

Mountain / All Terrain (ATB)

Mountain Bike Rider
BMX bicycle rider


Take your skills to new heights with a BMX bike. The BMX craze is a worldwide obsession and a style that appeals to both young and old. Whether you’re a big air master, racer, or freestyler Fridley Cycle is here to find your perfect fit.


Remember the freedom and sense of accomplishment of your first bike? The sense of adventure of cruising around the neighborhood and exploring new places? At Fridley Cycle we want every kid to have that experience. Trust the safety of your kids bike to the expert mechanics at Fridley Cycle.

Kids Bikes